Shaving / Scraping

Fast Removal of Carpet, Tile and Coatings.

Concrete Floor Resurfacing and Removal

Facing Challenges with Stubborn Concrete? Let Us Smooth the Way

Preparation for New Floor Installations:

When it comes to updating your flooring, thoroughly removing the existing layers is crucial to avoid future complications and ensure the longevity of your new floor. Our advanced ride-on floor scrapers excel in efficiently stripping away old carpet, vinyl, ceramic, or natural stone tiles. They're even robust enough to tackle tough jobs like lifting epoxy coatings and heavy paint accumulation.

Harmonizing Varied Concrete Levels:

Renovating your floor often requires aligning disparate concrete levels. Our precision concrete shaving tools effortlessly smooth out differences from a mere 1/16" to as much as 3", obviating the need for transitional pieces that could pose trip hazards and detract from the floor's visual appeal.

Achieving a Uniform Concrete Surface:

Imperfections from previous installations can leave your concrete slab uneven, complicating new flooring applications. Our team collaborates with your contractors to address these irregularities, ensuring your base is perfectly level and ready for its new finish.

State-of-the-Art Resurfacing Equipment:

Our comprehensive equipment lineup includes top-tier ride-on scrapers and high-performance walk-behind grinders, capable of clearing all non-asbestos flooring materials. In cases where asbestos might be present, we can guide you towards specialized environmental remediation services. Remaining adhesives, thinsets, and mortars are meticulously cleared using heavy-duty grinders, preparing your floor for a wide array of new finishes, from terrazzo and tile to wood and decorative overlays.

Ride-On Floor Scraper Carpet Removal

Coatings Removal with VIC ShaveMaster

Ride-On Floor Scraper Ceramic & Marble Removal

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