Horizontal Curb Cutting - ABC Concrete Cutting Contractor

Efficient Horizontal Curb Cutting Services

Specializing in horizontal curb cutting, our team at ABC Concrete Cutting Contractor provides precise openings in curbs for new driveways, access paths, and ADA-compliant ramps. Our advanced, custom-designed saws enable us to make clean, horizontal cuts directly from the street side, minimizing the need for extensive excavation behind the curb. This method allows for the quick creation of new residential approaches, including tapered ends, often completing the job in under an hour.

Before proceeding, it's important to consult with local authorities to ensure that curb cutting is permitted and to verify any specific municipal requirements regarding dimensions and construction methods. Some areas may require the curb to be entirely removed and then reshaped through repouring. Regardless of the local stipulations, our team is equipped and ready to assist you in complying with either approach, ensuring your project meets all necessary standards and regulations

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