Concrete Core Drilling

We drill holes of all diameters and depths through any concrete structure.


Asphalt Coring Services

Asphalt coring is essential for various applications, including the installation of airport runway lights, light pole bases, and for conducting soil and asphalt sampling. It's also crucial for utility detection combined with vacuum excavation, refurbishing catch basin entry points, and manhole openings.


Concrete Vertical Core Drilling

Our specialized drilling equipment is tailored for precise mechanical installations, creating pathways for drains, tie-ins, anchoring systems, and conducting aggregate analysis.


Horizontal Core Drilling Capabilities

Equipped with three electric and two hydraulic drills, we can bore horizontal holes up to 60 inches in diameter through concrete, block, brick, or mixed-material walls.

Vertical Concrete Core Drilling - ABC Concrete Cutting Company

ABC Concrete’s first job was a simple core hole in a wall over 40 years ago. Prior to the invention of the barrel style core bit, field guys, usually an apprentice would us a star bit and hammer and primitively “jackhammer” a hole.

Core drill bits are available in diameters from ½" up to 60". (Ohio Concrete has drilled holes up to 120' deep), for plumbing, duct work, structural, and electrical installations. Material such as concrete block, concrete, asphalt, brick, and steel can all be core-drilled.

Concrete core drilling is used for creating circular openings for plumbing, as well as for structural and electrical installations.

Core drilling is typically completed using a wet process. If water is an issue, smaller holes can be completed using dry coring. If a special angle is required, core rigs can be configured to accurately achieve desired openings. Extreme depths can also be achieved.

Concrete core drilling is designed to remove the perimeter of the hole, an annulus of material rather than an entire cylinder of the material being drilled. The material left inside the drill bit is referred to as the core or the slug.

Concrete line drilling is an effective method for removing any thickness of concrete when other methods cannot be applied. This method has been used less frequently by the invention of other cutting tools such as the wire saw and the diamond chain saw. Core holes are drilled in a series of overlapping holes around the perimeter of the desired area to be removed. This only becomes necessary if the concrete is too thick or if space restrictions don't allow the other specialty tools. This process leaves scallops in the opening. This may or may be acceptable for the construction process. The opening perimeter can be formed and poured back to make a clean opening.

Core drilling might appear straightforward, but it involves numerous considerations, from the choice of diamond to drill speed. With over three decades of experience and hundreds of thousands of holes drilled, ABC Concrete Cutting has the expertise to complete your project efficiently, regardless of its size. For a quote, please provide the material thickness, type, hole diameter, and quantity needed.


Common Uses for Our Core Drilling Services:

  • Installing floor and sewer drains
  • Creating openings for sewer connections
  • Making cuts for HVAC system components
  • Providing access for telecommunications and electrical services, including phone, electrical, cable, and fiber optics
  • Drilling holes for handrails and anchors
  • Performing aggregate material analysis
  • Installing conduits or pipes
  • Creating openings for round vents
  • Facilitating bumper post installations

Specialized Services

Our asphalt coring expertise is crucial for the installation of airport runway illumination, light pole foundations, and for conducting soil and asphalt assessments. It's also integral to identifying utilities alongside vacuum excavation techniques, refurbishing the entry points of catch basins, and renovating manhole accesses.

Concrete and Block Wall Coring:

For coring through concrete and concrete block walls, we use a secure post setup with a minor anchor to maintain the drill's position. For block walls, a slender hole is drilled to accommodate a through-bolt, ensuring the drill post's stability. For smaller jobs that require minimal impact, such as those that cannot accommodate additional holes or patches, handheld core drills are an efficient solution.

Anchoring Solutions:

For projects requiring anchoring solutions, please refer to the anchoring section within our specialty services.

To obtain pricing information, simply provide us with the hole's diameter (in inches), the depth of the cut, the type of material being drilled, and whether the project involves a floor or wall. Contact us today to discuss your core drilling needs.

Featured Projects

Large Diameter Concrete Coring of Precast Pipe

Large Diameter Concrete Coring of Precast Pipe

Special Application Concrete Core Drilling

Special Application Concrete Core Drilling

Outer Concrete Coring Through Seawall

Outer Concrete Coring Through Seawall

Special Application Concrete Core Drilling

Special Application Concrete Core Drilling


Concrete Horizontal Core Drilling

ABC Concrete’s first job was a simple core hole in a wall over 40 years ago. Prior to the invention of the barrel style core bit, field guys, usually an apprentice would us a star bit and hammer and primitively “jackhammer” a hole.

Today, we have 3 different size electric drills and 2 different size hydraulic drills to drill horizontal holes up to 60” in diameter through walls made of concrete, block, brick or some combination of those substrates. Depending on the size and location, we have the right drill to make that hole. Call us and let us know whether the hole is for conduit or plumbing and what that outer diameter is and we will facilitate the size. We always carry sizes up to 12” on our trucks but we have an assortment that we acquired over the last 40 years of random diameters.

As for depth of the hole most walls are anywhere from 8” to 18” usually, but we do get requests for horizontal holes that need to connect to basins or need to be on a strange angle. We can accommodate just about any request if the space is available. We have drilled holes 200’ deep and we have drill horizontal holes at least 12’. Although vertical is easier since gravity is helping, horizontal can be executing with proper planning and tooling.

So look no further than ABC Concrete Sawing and Drilling for your horizontal holes through concrete brick, block and stone nearby.

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