Streamline Your Concrete Surfaces with Expert Floor Grinding

Achieve a level and pristine concrete surface in a single efficient step. Utilizing diamond tools, we specialize in smoothing out irregularities and eliminating trip hazards on concrete floors. It's common for adjacent floor slabs to vary in height, but diamond grinding offers a cost-effective solution to rectify these discrepancies.

Our team at ABC Concrete Cutting employs advanced grinding and shaving tools to address concrete issues without the need for complete removal and replacement of the existing surface.

Concrete Floor Grinding  - ABC Concrete Cutting Company

Applications of Concrete Grinding:

We employ concrete grinding to address a variety of issues, including:

  • Leveling uneven joints to prevent trip hazards

  • Repairing spalled areas and worn surfaces

  • Removing outdated paint, coatings, adhesives, and mastics

  • Correcting uneven flooring that complicates tile and flooring installation

  • Improving poorly installed concrete surfaces

  • Smoothing overly rough surfaces for barefoot comfort

Our approach involves close collaboration with contractors to ensure the floor is perfectly leveled and prepared as the ideal subfloor. Although this method might require several passes and client verification, it remains a more cost-effective and less disruptive alternative to full slab replacement.

Our grinding tools are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, producing no fumes and leaving behind a clean, dry surface thanks to an integrated industrial vacuum system. We ensure the removal and proper disposal of dry waste, leaving your space clean and ready for its next phase. Additionally, we offer a range of surface finishes to suit your specific needs.

Advantages of Choosing Concrete Floor Grinding:

  • A chemical-free process that enhances safety

  • Improved surface traction for safer foot traffic

  • Faster production times compared to shot blasting and scarifying methods

  • A rejuvenated surface ready for new coatings or flooring

  • Mitigation of trip and fall hazards

  • Efficient preparation for new flooring installation

  • A thoroughly cleaned and aesthetically pleasing surface

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