Manhole Concrete Boot Fittings

The EPA requires watertight connections for all sewer connections containing waste water. This includes pipe connections to concrete structures of various shapes. ABC Concrete provides a rubber boot that will ensure a watertight connection between the concrete structure and the sewer pipe.

Our office stocks a large quantity of Kor-n-Seal boots in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. This style of boot can be installed with a simple socket set; with that, the stainless steel hardware is prepared to last a lifetime.

For your manhole sealing needs, simply provide us with the type and dimensions of the pipe, and we'll handle the drilling and supply the necessary pipe connectors. To comply with EPA regulations, all wastewater sewer connections must be watertight, especially those linking pipes to concrete structures of various configurations. We offer durable rubber boots designed to create a secure, watertight seal between the sewer pipe and the concrete structure.

Our inventory includes a wide range of Kor-n-Seal boots in multiple sizes to accommodate your project requirements. These boots are easily installed using a standard socket set, and their stainless steel components are built to endure.

To ensure we provide the appropriate boot for your project, you may refer to the selection guides below or allow us to assist you. We'll need to know:

  • The diameter of the pipe being installed

  • The material of the pipe (e.g., Cast Iron, PVC, Concrete)

  • The thickness of the structure and the diameter of the hole being drilled

While we specialize in sewer boots, some projects might also call for link seals. While these are not part of our stock, we are more than willing to assist you in finding and sizing these components as needed.


Small Pipe Selection Guide (Diameter 6"- 18"):


Large Pipe Selection Guide (Diameter: 15"- 50"):

  • Core Drilling Sewer Connections