Concrete Anchor Installation

Epoxy or Mechanical Anchors installed precisely and quickly.

Concrete inserts are used to connect objects to masonry or concrete. The two options for attaching to concrete is mechanical anchors or adhesive anchors depending on the potential load. If your project requires mechanical anchors to be installed, we stock these and can install with very little notice. If you would like to install then we can just drill the holes necessary for you to install. Since out cutting processes require the use of anchors, our operators at ABC Concrete Cutting are very proficient at installation.

Adhesive anchoring is utilized by engineers due to the strength of the epoxy adhesives. Embedments (ex: rebar, threaded rods, and posts, studs, dowels) can achieve “pull-out” strengths greater than the concrete itself. We typically use Hilti adhesives for our anchor installations but many of the products are similar in quality and procedure. ABC Concrete Cutting has the know-how and the tools to install any size and quantity of anchor installations.

Although it seems easy, anchor selection can be a difficult process. Your anchor load and your application will determine the type of anchor you will use. Several things to consider is tensile strength, sheer strength, and application. As Hilti certified anchor installers, Hilti can help us figure the best system for your specific project. If you are an structural engineer, you can work directly with Hilti to ensure your specifications are met.

Selecting the correct anchoring system is critical, but installing it according to specification is more critical. Incorrect or poor installations can result in failure of the anchoring system. Manufacturer’s liability is lost if not installed correctly and by a certified installer.

Selection of your anchoring system is necessary, prior to having the hole drilled. This may appear to be obvious but leads to undesired results and increased costs due to alterations. You only want to install the anchor once. Get us involved early to prevent drilling out incorrect anchors.

Jobs can be small with one anchor or large with several hundred. We can install anchors for stadium seats or mounting studs for cell towers. Our products can even be used for underwater fastening.

Epoxy anchoring, chemical adhesive anchoring, drop-in anchors, post style anchors, threaded inserts, all thread, rebar, pins, threaded rod, RE500, epoxy coated bar.