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Precision Concrete Wall Sawing Services

Our advanced sawing equipment enables us to execute precise cuts for wall, ceiling, and roof openings with utmost safety. Specializing in concrete wall sawing, ABC Concrete Cutting provides top-tier services for creating new doorways, windows, and openings for HVAC systems. Utilizing a diamond-coated blade mounted on a track system, our wall sawing technique is suitable for both vertical and horizontal cuts, ensuring accuracy in concrete and masonry structures.

Our wall saws, powered by either hydraulic or electric systems, are known for their efficiency and precision. The introduction of high-cycle technology offers an effective alternative to traditional hydraulic saws, allowing for extended reach from the power source and easier transportation due to their lighter weight.

Capable of cutting up to 30 inches deep, and up to 60 inches through double-sided cutting, our services accommodate even the most challenging projects. Whether your project requires angled cuts or deals with exceptionally thick walls and floors, our wire sawing option ensures that we can meet your specific needs.

Our wall sawing services are ideal for a variety of applications, including:

  • Creating smooth, straight openings in walls, ceilings, and floors

  • Producing openings that are precisely sized and ready for fixture installation

  • Bevel cutting for chamfered edges

  • Flush cutting adjacent to other wall surfaces

  • Cutting through foundations, dams, levees, and precast walls

For precise and reliable concrete wall sawing solutions, ABC Concrete Cutting is your trusted partner.

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