Optimizing Concrete for Flawless Floor Installations

Ensure Your Concrete Base Is Perfectly Prepared for Its New Finish

Taming Unruly Concrete Surfaces

Not all concrete surfaces are created equal, and sometimes they need a bit of persuasion to become the ideal foundation for new flooring. Whether it's residual adhesives like carpet glue, tile mastic, or layers of old epoxy paint, ensuring these remnants are thoroughly eradicated is essential for a successful flooring update.

For areas where the concrete is less than perfect, our grinding techniques strip away any loose material to reveal a solid, reliable surface. We then employ a variety of fillers and patching compounds to correct any flaws, aligning with the stringent preparation standards set by flooring manufacturers.

Addressing Depth and Level Discrepancies

Certain flooring installations, such as terrazzo, demand significant modifications to the existing concrete depth to align seamlessly with adjacent surfaces. Our equipment is capable of removing the necessary concrete stock, typically up to ¾ inch, to accommodate these specific requirements.

Ensuring Structural Integrity Below the Surface

The condition of the concrete subfloor is paramount. For floors showing extensive damage, we can apply specialized toppings and underlayments to forge a robust, level base ready for any new flooring application. Our expertise extends to the preparation and application of self-leveling compounds, ensuring a smooth, even surface.

Returning to Basic Concrete

For those opting to strip their floors back to basic concrete, we recommend a densification and sealing process to curb dusting. Grinding opens the concrete's pores, making it prone to staining and continuous dust shedding. Our densification treatment seals these pores, creating a durable, low-maintenance surface that stands the test of time.